Why not add a touch of Racing Post quality to commercial products with the use of Racing Post photos? We currently offer use of our award winning imagery across a wide range of commercial uses including media, advertising, racecourses, print and more. If you feel we could help you then please get in contact at

Commercial Ratecard
Whether you need an image for a book, something to spice up an advertisement or a banner for your newest sires at the sales we have prices covered for all areas. Below you can see a taste of the prices on offer but for a set quote, please contact us at

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: £50 - £250 depending on the size and location of the image

NEWSPAPERS: £75 - £300 depending on the size and location of the image, however we would be willing to discuss Space Rates.

TELEVISION/FILM: £150 - £800 depending on programming/advertising use.

ONLINE EDITORIAL USE (Website/Social Media inclusive): £100 - £350 depending on length of use.

MARKETING (Online/Press Releases/Social Media/Brochures): £175 - £1225 depending on type, length of use and size of image.

ADVERTISING (Print/Web/Display): £100 - £1500 depending on circulation, length of use or type/size of display.

CORPORATE USE (Greeting Card/Newsletter/Presentations/Calendars): £100 - £250 depending on length of use.

RETAIL (Display/Greeting Card/Poster/Stationary/Trading Cards/Product Design/Toys/Clothing): £150 - £750 depending on length of use or type of product.